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The Workforce Solution of the Year

Judges’ Comments: Judges praised Worksome for their streamlined ‘Classify’ feature which uses an in-built system to determine tax status, leading to significant reductions in the time spent on contract administration.

The Contractor Solution of the Year

Judges’ Comments: WorkLLama were praised by judges for their holistic approach and the personalized experience their solution provides, as well as their AI technology enhancements and focus on partnerships. 

The Candidate Experience Solution of the Year

Judges’ Comments: Judges praised Survale for their feedback platform which uses pulse surveys and diagnostic analytics throughout the entire hiring process to highlight which technologies and processes are impacting the candidate experience the most. 


Judges’ Comments: Judges praised Jobvite for their robust platform and dynamic approach, consistently adding and enhancing the functionality of their solution which positively impacts the recruitment and onboarding experience. 

The DE&I Solution of the Year

Judges’ Comments: Judges praised Magnit for recognizing the importance of data for talent and diversity, clearly demonstrating prioritization of privacy and security and combining services and technology to provide the insights into DE&I progress. 

The Best talent tech Company to Work For

Judges’ Comments: Judges praised Mercury for promoting an inclusive culture that values autonomy and incentivizes personal development through vocational qualifications, enabling their employees to enhance their skills in their current role and future career path. 

The Talent Tech innovation Award
(<75 employees)

Judges’ Comments: Staffing Future were praised by judges for a well-executed approach, giving candidates a great experience and allowing them to navigate their own career as well as demonstrating strong growth and great retention. 

The Talent Tech innovation Award
(75+ employees)

Judges’ Comments: Judges praised Harri for their innovative approach to sourcing and managing frontline talent, enabling managers to be proactive and productive as well as offering an intuitive and seamless user experience. 

The Champion of Champions Award

C of C - Worksome

Judges’ Comments: Worksome were crowned the Champion of Champions for addressing the important challenges of contractor management and aiding companies around the world to attract and retain talent in a fully compliant manner, with cutting-edge innovation, client service and leadership.